Welcome to Community Education!  We are transitioning to a new registration system.  During this time we are accepting registraitons in TWO seperate summer semesters:  Semester 1 (June) and Semester 2 (July/August).  Thank you for your support as we make this switch. 

For June classes (Semester 1), please enter your name and password in the "Sign In" below. If you are new to our site, please create a profile clicking the New Student button below.  Passwords are case-sensitive.
Click here to register for July & August classes (Semester 2)
**Please note if you are registering for a class in semester 2 and have previously taken a class in June 2017 (semester 1) you should already be in the new system (your username will be your email address).  In order to retrieve your password,  click on the reset password link.  Otherwise, please create a new user account.     

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