**Please Note: If you are registering for a class in semester 2 and have previously taken a class in June 2017 (semester 1), you should already be in the new system (your username will be your email address).  In order to retrieve your password,  click on the reset password link.  Otherwise, please create a new user account.   

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The programs chosen to be included  Northside Independent School District are selected to fulfill our mission of "Lifelong Learning" for the community.  All Northside Independent School District instructors are interviewed and selected for their competence in their subject and their willingness to share their expertise. You do not need to be an NISD resident to take classes. Classes are offered for non-credit unless otherwise designated. Financial support for the program comes from class fees.
We welcome input from the community of students. If you are interested in teaching a course, please go to the teaching page for more information.